Biologic Cell Treatments


Most activities at home, in sports, and at work involve the use of hands. For that reason, hands can get injuries from time to time. Unfortunately, some of these injuries are common. That is why many people don’t seek treatment. However, any delay in treating those injuries can lead to long-term problems.  

These injuries can negatively impact your daily life in addition to causing permanent disability. In this sense, it is wise to seek treatment as soon as possible to gain full mobility of your hands. Traditional treatment methods like surgery and physical therapy can help you heal from these injuries, but that is not always enough. Moreover, these methods have their drawbacks. This makes you think of an alternative treatment method such as biologic treatment. 

 What is Biologic Therapy for Hand and Wrist?


Biologic therapy is used to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. The therapy takes advantage of the generative ability of the naturally occurring stem cells to reduce pain while improving the function of the injured hands and wrists.  

Biologic therapy for joints can accelerate the healing process and relieve chronic pain. In some cases, this treatment option can permanently eliminate disability and pain. It can also reduce the need for rehabilitation required after surgery and extensive physical therapy needed after an injury.  

Why is Biologic Treatment Needed for Hand and Wrist Pain? 

Biologic therapy helps heal worn-out and damaged tissues. This type of therapy also restores health and improves the quality of life. You may not need surgical treatment or other conservative treatment options with this therapy.

 Bear in mind that musculoskeletal injuries, especially to your hand and wrist are painful as well as life-limiting. Surgery needs a lengthy recovery period and cannot be undone.   

 Most Common Types of Hand and Wrist Injuries Treated with  Biologic Therapy


Biologic therapy plays a significant role in treating various hand and wrist injuries. Here are common types of hand and wrist injuries that biological therapy can treat: 

Thumb Sprains: This type of injury comes about due to damage inflicted on your ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb. Thumb sprains may lead to limited ability to hold or grasp items between the index finger and thumb.

Wrist Sprains: Sprains on the wrist are caused by bending the wrist backward in what may seem like an unnatural motion. This type of motion is likely to stretch and ultimately tear some ligaments in your wrist.

Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis: Also referred to as OA and RA, osteoarthritis affects joints in the knee, hip, and hand. This condition is very common in fingers and hands and can lead to the debilitating loss of function if not treated correctly. OA remains the most frequent cause of hand and wrist pain, including the base of the thumbs. However, studies show a significant improvement and quick recovery following successful biologic treatment for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis joints.

Benefits of Biologic Therapy for Hand and Wrist Pain

Biologic therapy is an alternative to traditional surgical procedures for your wrist and hand. Its main benefits are as follows: 

Turnaround time: compared to surgical procedures used today, biologic therapy in the wrist and hand assures you a short turnaround time. Besides, this procedure can be carried out on the same day.

Minimally invasive procedure: Biologic therapy of hand pain is a minimally invasive procedure as compared to traditional surgical treatments.

Shorter recovery time:  It has a shorter recovery time that allows you to start doing your usual activities as soon as possible.

No anesthesia required: The main advantage of biologic therapy for your wrist and hand is that anesthesia is unnecessary.

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